ELFBAR Pi9000-Freeze Delight

ELFBAR Pi9000-Freeze Delight

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Introducing ELFBAR Pi9000 Disposable Vape 

From the makers of the very popular ELFBAR, the biggest-selling disposable vape brand in the world comes a whole new closed pod system. This latest vaping product with 9000 puffs inherits the pillow shape design with flavorful taste as silky as a pillow.

Product Highlights:

  • 9,000 puffs
  • Battery & E-liquid Indicator
  • Long Lasting Flavor Taste
  • 50mg salt nicotine content (5%)
  • Type-C charging port
  • Constant voltage from the first to last puff to ensure a smooth and consistent taste throughout
  • Slim body design, comfortable mouthpiece, lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Wrapped in vacuum sealed packaging for freshness.
  • Comes with security sticker to verify authenticity


  • Purple Vera/Aloe Grape
  • Bamboo Vera Ice/Bamboo Aloe Ice
  • Sour Black/Blackcurrant Ice
  • Menthol/Cool Mint
  • Summer Palm/Coconut Water
  • Nectarine Ice/Juicy Peach
  • Green Citrus/Lime Cactus
  • Green Sky/LongJing Tea
  • Fragrant Freeze/Lychee
  • Black Sparkle/Cola Ice
  • Freeze Delight/Yakult Ice
  • Red Blossom/Sirap Rose
  • Triple Yellow/Triple Mango
  • Heart Freeze/Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Golden Heart/Strawberry Mango
  • Sticky Glutinous/Coconut Glutinous Rice
  • Orchard Heart/Strawberry Juice Peach
  • Tropical Sunshine/Peach Mango Watermelon

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