SNOWPLUS PRO Obsidian Black
SNOWPLUS PRO Obsidian Black

SNOWPLUS PRO Obsidian Black

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SnowPlus Pro, a powerhouse of cutting-edge vaping technology. 

Exceptional Quality                                                                                                           Ultra-durable zinc alloy body with soft-touch finish and IPX5 dust water-resistant   coating stands uo to wear-and-tear while maximizing comfort.

Lightspeed Charging                                                                                                             All-day enjoyment with 450mAh lithium battery that employs supercharge technology   for a full charge in just 18mins.

Smart Battery Indicator                                                                                                         Device vibrates when its time to recharge and also features a battery light indicator that   can switch between while light and multi-color options, phasing between 6 attractive   colors.

 Tap 5 times to enter party mode, Tap 2 times to view battery level

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